About Smito

True healing comes from within

I believe true healing can only come from within, independent from the treatment. This is something I already realised during my medical and psychological studies. Feeling separate from parts of ourselves that belong to us lies at the root of many diseases.

This expresses itself as stagnation in our growth. Finding ways to bridge this separation will open the gates for healing and development again. This may be through meditation, mindful communication, psychotherapeutic techniques or energetic bodywork,

Coaching and therapy is a journey

For me coaching and therapy are a journey. Together with the client we travel to find and develop a movement towards oneness. The client is essentially the expert and guide. All I can do is to support the process through sensitivity, awareness, deep respect and loving acceptance of the person.

Emphasis on awareness and love

In all my trainings and educations to become a coach/therapist I realised that awareness and love are essential in the process of accompanying others on their healing journey. I do this in the form of a healing relationship, deep empathy, compassion and unconditional acceptance .

Emphasis on awareness and love

I’ve searched on how to bring these qualities into my life and into my work. This has brought me in contact with fascinating ancient and modern forms of healing and self-development. And in contact with wonderful teachers. Their teachings still live within me and I feel immense gratitude toward them.

Frank Natale shared with me about our responsibility and potential to create. And how through the circle of life and its transitions we manifest who we are and who we choose to be. 

Veeresh Yuson kept showing me again and again that love is always the answer. Friendship and social connections and support are essential for our well-being.

Osho opened the doors to meditation. He encouraged me to embrace and celebrate all that life offers on the path towards self-realisation.

Life itself in many ways has been my teacher through crises and transitions. Where I had to let go of identifications and outdated beliefs. And was able to move on my path, welcoming letting go, rebirth and new beginnings.

Today I feel blessed to be healthy, to have caring friends. To have the opportunity to share in the seminars and trainings what I have learned. I feel privileged to be able to support individuals and groups in their process and development.

Let me invite you to go on a journey together

I like to invite you to take a few steps together with me on your journey. Explore deeply what life holds for you. Realise and share who we are. Let me support your development and healing. And celebrate this amazing gift of being alive together.

Please feel embraced,

Smito Gerhard Boeckler

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